2015 Ironman GNCC Side by Side Race Report

The Polaris/Coastal/CST/Yokley Racing team rounded out the 2015 GNCC Side-by-Side Championship on Saturday at the Ironman GNCC in Crawfordsville, Indiana. After six rounds of racing, team driver Sam Yokley captured the inaugural Polaris Single Seat Championship, while team driver Sean Bogdan earned his first XC2 Pro Sport Championship in a close battle to the end.

As one of the favorite stops on the GNCC circuit, the Ironman GNCC finale showcased the largest side-by-side turnout of the season with 80 machines lining up at the historic Ironman Raceway. In the XC1 Pro class, team driver William Yokley and his passenger—and wife—Tina began the race on row five, where they immediately engaged in a battle with Polaris-backed teammate John Yokley. The multi-time UTV Champion settled his Polaris RZR S 900 behind his nephew John, as the duo led the rest of the pack into the woods on the opening lap.

By the end of lap one, Yokley made his way into the sixth place position on adjusted time, where he continued to battle for a top-five position. Yokley dropped back a couple of positions after the halfway mark, ultimately finishing in eighth place in the overall running.

In the XC2 Pro Sport division, team driver Sean Bogdan came into the final round with a six-point deficit in the championship standings. Bogdan got off to a decent start, where he came around in sixth after the opening lap. Bogdan’s biggest opponent experienced some issues early on and he capitalized on the opportunity to overtake the championship. With a fourth place finish at the finale, Bogdan was able to earn enough points to clinch his first-ever XC2 Pro Sport Championship.

Team driver John Henry rounded out the 2015 season with a sixth place finish in the XC2 Pro Sport class aboard his Polaris RZR S 900. Henry experienced a string of bad luck throughout the season but the Pennsylvania resident concludes the season with one major victory under his belt.

With three wins behind him this season, the young Sam Yokley wrapped up the first-ever Polaris Single Seat Championship on Saturday with a second-place finish at the Ironman GNCC. In the highly competitive class, Yokley was the only driver to earn multiple wins in the inaugural class.

The GNCC Side-by-Side Championship concluded on Saturday with the Ironman GNCC. For more information on the team, please visit www.yokleyracing.com.

To watch the complete coverage from Saturday’s Side-by-Side race in Indiana, visit www.racertv.com/category/gncc-utv-live.

William Yokley’s Team Sponsors: Polaris Industries, Coastal Racing, CST, Racer Tech, Elka Suspension, OMF, Beard Seats, Tireballs, Mona Vie and Yokley Racing.

Scott Kiger’s Team Sponsors: Polaris Industries, Coastal Racing, CST, Racer Tech, OMF, Walker Evans, Tireballs and Yokley Racing.

John Henry’s Team Sponsors: Polaris Industries, Coastal Racing, CST, Racer Tech, OMF, Walker Evans, Tireballs, SSI Decals and Yokley Racing.

Ironman GNCC
Crawfordsville, Indiana
Round 6 of 6
Saturday, October 31

XC1 Pro Results:

  1. Tim Farr (CAN)
  2. Bill Patterson (POL)
  3. Mouse Pratt (CAN)
  4. Kyle Chaney (CAN)
  5. Larry Hendershot (CAN)
  6. John Yokley (POL)
  7. Treavis Poynter (POL)
  8. William Yokley (POL)
  9. John Barnes (POL)
  10. Steven Matko (CAN)

XC2 Pro Sport Results:

  1. David Plavi (CAN)
  2. Powers Motorsports (POL)
  3. Chris Brockway (POL)
  4. Sean Bogdan (POL)
  5. Michael Swift (POL)
  6. John Henry (POL)
  7. Jamie Held (POL)
  8. Doug Gust (CAN)
  9. Craig Vanderhoof (POL)
  10. Seth Mitchell (CAN)

Polaris Single Seat Results:

  1. Dillon Harper (POL)
  2. Sam Yokley (POL)
  3. Torey Rush (POL)
  4. Marc Spataro (POL)
  5. Jesi Stracham (POL)
  6. James Harris (POL)
  7. Sean Bogdan (POL)
  8. Jason Hooks (POL)

XC1 Modified Point Standings:

  1. Kyle Chaney (128)
  2. Larry Hendershot (104)
  3. Tim Farr (102)
  4. Mouse Pratt (94)
  5. Bill Patterson (93)
  6. Steven Matko (74)
  7. Treavis Poynter (69)
  8. Marcus Pratt (50)
  9. William Yokley (49)
  10. Frank Olander (47)

XC2 Pro Sport Point Standings:

  1. Sean Bogdan (86)
  2. Michael Swift (83)
  3. David Plavi (83)
  4. Chris Brockway (79)
  5. Joe Krcelich (74)