John Barnes

UTV Rider

2017 Factory Polaris Racing UTV Machine

Ashland City, TN

Scott Kiger, a Waynesburg, Pennsylvania native started racing ATVs in 1990. In his early 20’s Scott had a passion for racing and it was on ATVs at that time. After competing in the GNCC for some time, Scott decided to focus on his career more so than racing. Due to the timing, GNCC racing was still relatively new in it’s development stages, so there wasn’t enough factory support to take it serious and make a solid career from racing. “I had to do something to get my career started, so I just gave up racing and put my head down and went to work hard for 20 years” Scott said. Now he is the President of SDI (Shaft Drillers International).

A couple of years ago GNCC racing started the 4 classes for the UTV vehicles to compete in the series. After achieving remarkable success in the shaft drilling business, Scott decided it was time to get back to the track where he enjoyed being around the great people involved in racing. He got his competitive spirit and helmet off the shelf and went out to have some fun.

Scott Kiger is very active and helpful not only in his business but in the community as well. We at Yokley Racing are very excited to have Scott join our team and feel that together we will make this partnership a huge success. Scott still resides in Waynesburg, PA as a small town boy who loves to go out and thrash it up on the track!


My past accomplishments include:

  • 2010 GNCC SidexSide Class 1 Ranked 2nd Overall
  • 2011 GNCC SidexSide Class 1 Ranked 3rd Overall
  • 2011 WORCS SidexSide Class 1 Ranked 6th Overall
  • 2012 GNCC SidexSide Class 1 Ranked 2nd Overall
  • 2013 BAJA 1000 Overall UTV Champion
  • 2013 GNCC SidexSide Class 1 Ranked 4th Overall
  • 2014 GNCC SidexSide Class 1 Ranked 2nd Overall