Longhorn Fab Shop Joins John Barnes/Polaris RZR Factory Racing


Ashland City, TN (05/15/2018) –Longhorn Fab shop joining the 2018 team couldn’t have come at a better time for Polaris RZR Factory Racing driver, John Barnes. The Polaris XP Turbo and the Polaris S 1000 are the teams units of choice with wins already this season. Longhorn offers high quality accessories and ability to build custom parts.

When the terrain gets brutal out there, the stock seat bases made of plastic have a tendency to break, creating a seat that is moving around insecurely. Barnes commented, “The days of your seat breaking are over now. Longhorn offers a bulletproof lowering seat base.”

From an aggressive driving standpoint, Barnes has noticed a great improvement. He added, “I have also noticed a better driving stance in the car. It feels so comfortable where the seat positioning puts you. I feel I drive through the turns stronger and with more confidence.”

One of the most convenient aspects of the seat base is the way you remove the seats. The lever is placed in the front of the seat for easy access. “The removability of the seats is awesome.”

Longhorn Fab Shop is located in Brookville, Ohio. Longhorn Fab Shop is excited to be in the SXS market with excellent products. Company has a long history in the diesel world and will continue to outperform competitors in the UTV industry. Company is focuses on solid high quality parts made out of the best materials. Call them today at Phone(855) 797-8478 or www.longhornfabshop.com