Polaris RZR Factory Racing S 1000 Places Strong Finish at the Nationals

Millfield, OH (July 8, 2017) Team RZR/Yokley Racing arrived one day early to the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) in Millfield, Ohio to scope out the John Penton's moist conditions that they would have to overcome.  After they walked the track, it rained for three more hours making some very slick conditions for Barnes and McGhee. After a few hours of sun, the start dried up nice, but the woods would be challenging.


Pilot, John Barnes commented, "We took off from row 3. Our Polaris RZR  S 1000 is one of the hardest to beat off the line due to a lot of R&D with the focus on the start." 


The team would make their way past rows 1 and 2 on time adjustment. Barnes added, "We found ourselves in second place after 2 1/2 laps of racing and at the midway point."

After following leader, the duo decided to make a pass to put themselves in first position. Co-Pilot, McGhee added, "We had a line choice picked out from walking the track. We came to a situation where we had to take that line and got tied up in some large trees. We rebounded back to charge back to 6th place and a Top Ten."


After a challenging start to the GNCC season, Team Polaris RZR Factory Racing was able to overcome uninviting conditions to put the Polaris RZR S 1000 in the Top Ten and 6th overall.


An appreciation goes out to the sponsors for the 2017 season: Polaris RZR Factory Racing, Yokley Racing, STI Tire & Wheel/Roctane HD Tires, America's Motorsports, Elka Suspension, Super ATV, CP Carrillo, Millennium Technologies, IMS, Ballistic Battery, OMF, Trinity Racing Exhaust, Hot Cams, Team RZR, RZR Extreme, Shock Therapy, Alba Racing, Alpinestars, Maxwell Industries, Monster Army, VP Racing Fuels, Dragon Alliance, One Stop Design and Machine, and Slick Products.