Successful Year Equals Super ATV For Polaris RZR’s John Barnes



Tompkinsville, KY (06/01/2019) Polaris RZR/Super ATV driver, John Barnes has done a marathon of races so far in 2019. Starting the year off with three season openers in one weekend in March, the pace has not slowed. Already logging wins and several podiums in multiple series across the eastern part of the United States, the team looks to carry the momentum into the summer. Incredibly, the team has accomplished this on three different RZR models showing Polaris’s dominance. All have been outfitted with Super ATV accessories. The team wanted to get out there and make a big impact for 2019. Barnes has done a ton of testing trying new Super ATV products and new RZR’s.

The XP Turbo is the RZR of choice for open high speed situations. The team has 2 years of development into the stock XP Turbo unit. They have tested every combination available for the XP Turbo and have made the RZR a reliable contender. The Super ATV Atlas Arms are the best in business with their adjustability and shock location. The length and width make it much more stable for high speed maneuvering more so than any other UTV on the market. High boost on the XP Turbo with the OEM belt system has had its challenges. The team utilizes a more conservative tune to keep belt temperature down. The last 2 years Barnes has had his fair share of sitting on the side of the trail with belt failure. The time made up with higher boost and more power can be lost sitting on the side of the trail changing belts.

The Polaris RZR S 1000 (aftermarket turbo) is the RZR of choice for woods racing. Barnes has made it a personal mission to fully develop the Polaris RZR S 1000 (turbo) after over two years of underground advancements. From late nights on the dyno to relentless race laps, Barnes knows he has a dominant woods machine at his fingertips. The challenge has been to keep the front wheels pulling. Super ATV has a solution that works.

The Super ATV Polaris RZR Pinion Shaft and Snorkel Gear kit has been the fix for the Polaris RZR S 1000 and XP 1000 combining with Rhino 2.0 axles and Rhino 2.0 Driveshaft. Beefing up all external driveline parts will lead to the weakest link at the Pinion Shaft and lost of front wheel drive. The Super ATV Pinion is made of 9310 heavy-duty steel (2.5x stronger) and is virtually bullet proof. Make sure to upgrade yours today.

Super ATV has been a great partner. On all the RZR’s, one will find the best parts in the industry. Those parts include front bumpers, winches, skid plates seats, suspension, internal components, a arms, trailing arms, radius rods and many more. 

Super ATV has stepped up their game in all areas to be the leader in UTV accessories. 

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