The Westgate River Ranch GNCC ATV Race Report

National Guard Coastal Yokley Racing ATV Team Rider Jarrod McClure finished 6th Overall and 6th in the XC1 Pro Class today in Round 1 of the 2011 GNCC Series in River Ranch Florida. There were 121 total entries with 15 XC1 Pro Riders.




The 2011 GNCC season opener is always filled with excitement. It takes place at a great location at the River Ranch Resort in Florida, and the races tie in with all the Bike Week festivities in Daytona. It is a race which shows who has been training and preparing during the off-season, and who has not.

The course was very demanding and features sand whoops, wet sections, high speed areas, and treacherous palmetto sections. Any obstacle can reach out and grab you to make your day a nightmare. The weather was hot and very humid, and the dry conditions made visibility difficult in many areas.

Jarrod has been racing and training in California for the past month, so he was ready to go. He got a good start in 4th place, and ran with the lead group through lap 1. The heat, humidity and strength-sapping sand tested everyone’s stamina. Jarrod fell back to 7th going into his fuel stop. He had to make an unscheduled pit stop 2 laps later to adjust on his suspension and get water poured down his back to cool him down. He had a great battle with Bryan Cook, finally passing him going into the last lap.

Jarrod’s pit crew stopped him to take on more fuel to make sure he would finish. That put him behind Bryan, and although he caught up with him, he could not make the pass. He finally ended the day in 6th place. It’s important to get through this race in one piece, because the next race is in Aonia Pass Georgia in only 6 days. So, the team heads home to Pennsylvania to clean out all the sand that gets in everything, then prep the bike and head south again.

Jarrod will be joined there with the National Guard Polaris Coastal Yokley Racing Side by Side Team. William Yokley and Scott Kiger will each compete in the Side by Side races there. See you there!